Can you escape in 60 minutes?

Experience the live-action gaming trend that's sweeping the nation

The Alchemy Lab

You are apprentices of the recently deceased alchemist Dolores Belmont. In her will, she left you a treasure that could grant you eternal life: The Philosopher's Stone! But you only have one hour to uncover her secrets before the unstable chemicals in her lab explode!

Players: 2-6


The Game Show

Your group is set to appear on a new game show when you realize the room you’ve been waiting in is locked and a countdown timer has started. Is it a trap? Is this just a part of the game show? You have an hour to escape and find out!

Players: 2-8


The Missing Professor

Your uncle is missing and you’ve gone to his house to find him, but what you discover instead is more than you bargained for. Thrown in the middle of a centuries-old treasure hunt, you must unlock the secrets of the room to retrieve an object of special value before it falls into the wrong hands.

Players: 2-4